a book by Oscar van Dillen


              1. Preface
              2. Introduction
              3. Strategies for studying music theory
              4. Sound and hearing
              5. Music
              6. Musical notation
              7. Basic building blocks of melody and harmony
              8. Basic building blocks of rhythm
              9. Melody
              10. Harmony
              11. Polyphony and counterpoint
              12. Form
              13. Instrumentation
              14. Strategies for teaching music theory
              15. Analytic-synthetic method of compositional study
              16. A brief history of music and music theory
              17. Taste and music
              18. Bibliography
              19. Glossary
              20. Index
              21. Fecit

©Oscar van Dillen 2012

Publication of the book Outline of Music Theory (ca 600 pages) is currently in preparation


the free basic book can be found here